Gera germany 

Fort wayne’s sister city

Fort Wayne has a sister city relationship with Gera, Germany. The relationship began in 1989 with the final documents being signed in 1992 which made Gera, Germany Fort Wayne’s sister city. Since that time Mayors, City Councilman, Students, Artists, Musicians and a host of athletes have traveled between Fort Wayne and Gera. These exchanges have allowed many the opportunity to experience the culture of another country.

It is most appropriate that Fort Wayne should have a German Sister City. Many in Fort Wayne trace their ancestral roots back to Germany. In fact Fort Wayne has been called “A Most German City” because of the involvement of the many Germans who have shaped the city of Fort Wayne. Take this opportunity to come down to Germanfest and learn a little about our sister city and find out the opportunities that exist for exchanges. If you would like more information you can also visit the Fort Wayne Sister Cities Website;  . This website will give you more detailed information concerning Gera, Germany and other Fort Wayne Sister Cities.

Fort Wayne Germanfest

Essen, Trinken und Gemütlicheit.